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1 𐓏𐒻𐒷 𐒻𐒷 𐓂𐒰𐒼𐒻𐓄𐓇𐒷 I keep my word. Verified 578
2 𐒻𐒷 𐓂𐓏𐒰𐒼𐒻𐓄𐓇𐒷 π“Šπ’· 𐒷𐓄𐓇𐒷 I said I am keeping my word. Unknown 578
3 𐒻𐒷 𐓂𐒰𐒼𐒻𐓄𐓇𐒰 π“€π’°π““π’»Ν˜ I did not keep my word. Unknown 578
4 𐒻𐒷 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ“‚π’Όπ’»π“„π“‡π’· π“π’°Ν˜π“„π’· We usually keep our word. Unknown 578
5 𐒻𐒷 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ“‚π’Όπ’»π’·π“„π“‡π’· π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓍𐒰𐓄𐒷 We said we would keep our word. Unknown 578
7 𐒻𐒷 𐓂𐓍𐒰𐒼𐒻𐓄𐓇𐒷 You keep your word. Unknown 578
8 𐒻𐒷 𐓂𐓍𐒰𐒼𐒻𐓄𐓇𐒷 π“Šπ’· 𐒷𐓇𐒷 π“π’³Ν˜ You said you would keep your word. Unknown 578
9 𐒻𐒷 𐓂𐒼𐒻𐓄𐓇𐒷 π“π’°Ν˜π“„π’· He keeps his word. Unknown 578
10 𐒻𐒷 𐓂𐒼𐒻𐓄𐓇𐒰 𐓓𐒻 π“‡π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ He does not like to keep his word. Unknown 578
11 𐒻𐒷 𐓂𐒼𐒻𐓄𐓇𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐒰𐓄𐒷 He said he will keep his word. Unknown 578
12 𐒻𐒷 𐓂𐒼𐒻𐓄𐓇𐒰 𐓓𐒻 𐒰𐓄𐒲 He did not keep his word. Unknown 578
13 π“€π’°Ν˜π“’π’·π“†π’Όπ’° 𐒴𐓂𐒼𐒰 π“†π’°π“ˆπ’° 𐓏𐒻𐒼'π“Ž π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want to give you five dollars. Unknown 578
14 π“‚π“π’»π“ˆπ’° π“π’»π“ˆπ’° π“‚π“π’°π“ˆπ’° π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want to borrow your car. Unknown 578
15 π’°π“π’°Ν˜π’Ό'π“‚Ν˜ 𐒷 I heard it. Unknown 578
16 π’°Ν˜π“π’°Ν˜π’Ό'π“‚Ν˜ 𐓄𐒷 We heard it. Unknown 578
17 π“π’°π“π’°Ν˜π’Ό'π“‚Ν˜ You hear it. Unknown 578
18 π“π’°π“π’°Ν˜π’Ό'π“‚Ν˜ 𐓄𐒷 You heard it. Unknown 578
19 𐓁𐒰𐒼'π“‚Ν˜ 𐓄𐒷 They heard it. Unknown 578
20 𐓁𐒰𐒼'π“‚Ν˜ 𐓄𐒲 They are hearing it. Unknown 578
21 π’·π’Ύπ“Žπ“€π’° 𐒴𐒻𐒿𐒰 π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I am thinking about doing it. Unknown 578
22 π’·π’Ύπ“Ž 𐒷 π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’° Don't do that. Unknown 578
23 π’·π’Ύπ“‚Ν˜ π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π“π’° 𐒼𐓐𐒰 He wants to do it. Unknown 578
24 π’·π’Ύπ“Ž π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓄𐒲 He is going to do it. Unknown 578
25 𐒻𐒰 Say it, Talk. Unknown 578
26 π’Όπ’°π“ˆπ“π’° 𐓇𐒷𐓁𐒰 𐓓𐒻 Wait just a little bit. Unknown 578
27 𐒹𐒻𐓍𐒰 π“€π’°π“π’»Ν˜ Take a bath. Unknown 578
28 𐓍𐒰 𐒹𐒻𐓍𐒰 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 Go ahead, take a bath. Unknown 578
29 𐓇𐒷𐓍𐓂 π’Όπ’»π“Šπ’·π’° Put it over there. Save it. Keep it. Unknown 578
30 𐓍𐒻 π’Ήπ’°π’Όπ“‚Ν˜ 𐒷𐓇𐒷 π“‡π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π“‡π“ˆπ’° π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐒷𐒼𐒻𐒷 Just say whatever you think. Unknown 578
31 π’°π“‡π’»π“ˆπ’° π“€π’°π“π’»Ν˜ Go outside. Unknown 578
32 𐓏𐒻𐒴𐒻 π’Ήπ’»π“Šπ’· I was teasing. Unknown 578
33 𐓏𐒰𐒴𐒻 π’Ήπ’»π“Šπ’· I was teasing him. Unknown 578
34 π’°π“‡π“Šπ’»Ν˜ π’Ήπ’»π“Šπ’· 𐓍𐒰 π“ˆπ“π’°Ν˜ You are teasing me. Unknown 578
35 π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ What? Unknown 578
36 π“ˆπ’°Ν˜π’Ήπ’· How are you? Unknown 578
37 π’Όπ’°π“†π’»π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π“π’°π“‡π’΅π’»Ν˜π’Ώπ’° π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓍𐒰𐓇𐒷 What are you going to do tomorrow? Unknown 578
38 π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π“‚π“π’°π“Šπ’· 𐓍𐒰𐓇𐒷 What are you looking for? Unknown 578
39 π’Ήπ’°π’Όπ“‚Ν˜ What's the matter? How is it? Unknown 578
40 π’Ήπ’°π’Όπ“‚Ν˜ π“π’°π“‡π’΅π’»Ν˜π’Ώπ’° 𐓍𐒰𐓇𐒷 What's on your mind? What are you thinking? Unknown 578
41 𐓀𐒻𐒰𐒼𐒷 𐒹𐒰𐓁𐒰 π“Šπ’· What time is it? Unknown 578
42 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 𐓏𐒰 𐓓𐓂𐒷 You did good. Unknown 578
43 π“π’°π“‡π’Όπ’°Ν˜ Do your best. Try hard. Unknown 578
44 π’·π’Όπ“‚Ν˜ That's right. Unknown 578
45 𐓍𐒻𐒷 𐓏𐒻𐒼𐓇𐒻𐓐𐒷 I did this for you. Unknown 578
46 𐒻𐒷 π“ˆπ“‚π’· 𐒷𐒼𐒻𐓄𐓇𐒷 π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want to say a few words. Unknown 578
47 𐓏𐒰𐓓𐒰𐓓𐒷 𐒻𐒷 π“π’»Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’° 𐒹𐒻𐓄𐒷 We only have one speaker. Unknown 578
48 𐒼𐒰𐓇𐒷𐓁𐒰 Just that much. Unknown 578
49 𐒿𐒻𐓄𐒻 𐓏𐒰 π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want them to come back. Unknown 578
50 𐓒𐒰𐓁𐒻 𐓏𐒰𐓏𐒻𐒹𐓃 𐓄𐒻 π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want to address everyone as friends and relatives. Unknown 578
51 π““π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’°π““π’»Ν˜ 𐒰𐓄𐒰 𐓁𐒻 𐒼𐒻 π“‡π’Όπ’°π“Šπ’»Ν˜ 𐒰𐓄𐒲 The children are playing in the water. Unknown 578
52 π““π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’°π““π’»Ν˜ 𐒰𐓄𐒰 π“ˆπ’°π“„π’· π’Όπ“‚Ν˜ π“π’»π’Ήπ’»π“Šπ’· 𐒰𐓄𐒲 The children are playing with the ball. Unknown 578
53 π’Όπ’°π’Ήπ“Žπ““π’° 𐒻𐓏𐒻𐓍𐒷 𐓀𐒰𐓓𐒻 Long time no see. Unknown 578
54 𐓂𐒼𐒰𐓐𐒷 π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· 𐒰𐒻𐒹𐒷 I am not doing a thing, nothing. Unknown 578
55 π“‡π’·π“ˆπ“π’° π““π’°Ν˜ π““π’»Ν˜ π“‚π“ˆπ’°π“’π’° 𐒼𐓐𐒲 That little tree over there is pretty. Unknown 578
56 π“€π’°π““π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’· π’°Ν˜π’Όπ“‚π’Ώπ’»Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“ˆπ’² We live in the country. Unknown 578
57 𐒻𐓏𐒻𐒼𐒻 π“π’°Ν˜π““π’» I am depending on you. Unknown 578
58 𐒼𐒰𐓆𐒻 π’°π“π“Šπ’»Ν˜ Morning. Unknown 578
59 𐒻𐓆𐒷𐓏𐒲 Hateful, rude, obnoxious. Unknown 578
60 π’·π“π’°Ν˜ π“„π’»π“‚Ν˜ He did that. Unknown 578
61 π’°Ν˜π“„π’°π“π’° π“ˆπ’² We are quitting, stopping, adjourning. Unknown 578
62 𐒻𐓍𐒰𐒼𐒻 𐓁𐒰𐓓𐒻 𐒼𐒲 You can depend on me. Unknown 578
63 π“π’°π“π“‚Ν˜π’΄π’· π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π“π’°π“Šπ’· π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π’Όπ’°π“ˆπ’² What's for dinner? Unknown 578
64 𐓂𐓁𐒻 π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’·π’Ώπ’» Be quiet. Unknown 578
65 π“€π’°Ν˜π“’π’· 𐓂𐒿𐒰 π“‚π“π’°π’°π’Ύπ“Žπ““π“Žπ’Όπ’° He told him to wear glasses. Unknown 578
66 π“Šπ’»π““π’· π’°π“π’»π“ˆπ’° Close the door. Unknown 578
67 π““π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’°π““π’»Ν˜ 𐒰𐓄𐒰 π“ˆπ’° π“π“Žπ“„π’»π““π’» 𐓄𐒷 The children have messed up their room. Unknown 578
68 π“€π’°Ν˜π“’π’· 𐓂𐒼𐒻𐒼𐒻𐒷 𐓍𐒻𐒼𐓇𐒻 Call him on the telephone. Unknown 578
69 𐓂𐓍𐒰𐒼𐒷 𐓏𐒰𐒿𐒷𐓒𐒷 π“Šπ’· π’°π“π’»π“‡π’΅π’»Ν˜ 𐓄𐒷 Did they bring the newspaper? Unknown 578
70 π“€π’°Ν˜π“π“„π“Ž 𐓆𐒰𐓄𐒷 π“π’»Ν˜ π“€π’°Ν˜π“π’· 𐒼𐓇𐒻 𐒰𐓄𐒲 There is a black cloud in the sky. Unknown 578
71 π“ˆπ’°π’Όπ’°π“Šπ’· π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I am hot. Unknown 578
72 π“π’»π’°Ν˜π“Šπ’· I am cold. Unknown 578
73 π“Šπ’» π’°Ν˜π“π“Žπ“π’°π“†π“Ž 𐓄𐒷 We cleaned the house. Unknown 578
74 π“ˆπ’° π“‡π“Šπ“Žπ’· 𐒼𐒰𐓐𐒰 Warm it up. Unknown 578
75 π’Ήπ“‚π“π’·Ν˜π’Όπ’» 𐓇𐒻𐒷 Where have you been? Unknown 578
76 π’·π’Ύπ“Žπ“€π’° π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· I don't want to do it. Unknown 578
77 π’Όπ’°π“†π’»π“π“Šπ’»Ν˜ π““π’»Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π“π’°π’Όπ’» 𐒰𐓄𐒷 This morning, we woke up early. Unknown 578
78 𐓏𐒻𐒴𐒻𐓐𐒻 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I will wake you up. Unknown 578
79 𐒰𐓁𐒰𐒴𐒰 π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I've had enough. Unknown 578
80 𐓏𐒻𐒷 𐓄𐒰𐓐𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I will do it myself. Unknown 578
81 π“€π’°π’Ήπ’»Ν˜ 𐒼𐒰𐓆𐒰 Cut the grass. Unknown 578
82 𐒻𐓍𐒰 π“Šπ’·π’° 𐒰𐓄𐒲 They asked me to talk. Unknown 578
83 π“‚π“π’°π“Šπ’· π’°Ν˜π’Ήπ’· I looked for it. Unknown 578
84 π’·π“‚π“Šπ’» 𐒰𐓄𐒲 They are looking for it. Unknown 578
85 𐓏𐒰𐓍𐒰 π“π’°π“π“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° 𐓄𐒷 Have you eaten? Did you eat? Unknown 578
86 π“π’»π’Ήπ’»π“ˆπ’° 𐓓𐒻 𐒰𐓄𐒲 They won't play with it. Unknown 578
87 π’°π“π’°π“‡π’Όπ’°Ν˜ π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I am going to do my best. Unknown 578
88 𐓂𐓏𐒰𐓐𐓄𐒰 𐓄𐒷 We lost it. We got lost. Unknown 578
89 π“π’°π“Šπ’» π“π’°π“ˆπ“ƒ 𐒼𐒻 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’° 𐒹𐒻𐓄𐒷 We went to the dance. Unknown 578
90 π“π’»π“Žπ““π“Ž π“π’°Ν˜π“Šπ’» 𐒼𐓐𐒲 There is a possibility of rain. Unknown 578
91 π’»Ν˜π“Šπ’· 𐓍𐒰 π’Ώπ“Žπ““π’° Did you wash your face? Unknown 578
92 𐒹𐓂𐓏𐒲𐒼𐒻 𐓍𐒰 π’Ώπ’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· Where are you sitting? Unknown 578
93 𐒻𐓁𐒰𐓄𐒰 Be careful. Unknown 578
94 π“ˆπ’»π“π’· Gossip. Unknown 578
95 π“π’»π“‡π’Όπ’»π“ˆπ’° Me too. Unknown 578
96 π“‡π’΅π’»π“‡π“ˆπ’° You are finished. Unknown 578
97 π’Όπ’°π“’π’°Ν˜ Bawl out. Unknown 578
98 𐒻𐓍𐒰𐓄𐒷 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“ˆπ“π’² We are waiting for you. Unknown 578
99 𐓏𐒰𐒿𐒷𐓒𐒷 𐓍𐒰 π’Ώπ“Žπ“†π’° Did you get your letter? Unknown 578
100 π’Ήπ’°π“ˆπ“π’°π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π“π’°π’Όπ’» π“‡π“ˆπ“‚Ν˜ 𐓄𐒰𐓄𐒻 When are you coming to see me? Unknown 578
101 π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π“π’»Ν˜ π’»π“π’»π’΄π“‚Ν˜π“π’· π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want to ask you something. Unknown 578
102 π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π“π’»Ν˜ 𐓂𐓏𐒻𐒴𐒰𐒼𐒷 π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want to tell you something. Unknown 578
103 𐓍𐒰 π““π’°Ν˜ π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓄𐒰𐓇𐒷 Are you going to stay all night? Unknown 578
104 𐒻𐓆𐒻𐒷 𐒼𐓐𐒲 He doesn't like it. Unknown 578
105 π“Šπ’»π““π’· π“π’»π“‡π“Žπ“„π’· Open the door. Unknown 578
106 𐒼𐒰𐓏𐒰 𐒿𐒷 𐓆𐒰 𐓏𐒷 Horse droppings. Unknown 578
107 𐒰𐒿𐒻𐓇 𐒷 𐓆𐒰𐒼𐒻 π“ˆπ“‚Ν˜π“„π’· 𐓏𐒲 The divan looks stout. Unknown 578
108 π“Šπ’» 𐓂𐓍𐓂𐒼𐒰 π“π’°π“†π“Žπ’Ήπ“Ž The room is clean. Unknown 578
109 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’»π“π’· π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π’Όπ’°π“ˆπ“π’² We will do it for them. Unknown 578
110 π“ˆπ’°π“π’°π’Ώπ’°Ν˜ 𐒻𐓍𐒰𐒼𐒻𐓇𐓄𐒰𐒹𐓂 Do you know your clan. Unknown 578
111 𐓂𐓏𐒻𐓍𐓂𐓄𐒰 π“€π’°π““π’»Ν˜ π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I am not going to defend you. Unknown 578
112 π“ˆπ’°π“π’° 𐒼𐒻 π““π“‚π’°Ν˜π’Ώπ’· 𐓇𐒡𐒷 π“‡π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π“‡π“ˆπ’° Do you want to go to town with me? Unknown 578
113 𐓏𐒰𐓓𐒰𐓓𐒷 𐒻𐒷 π“π’°Ν˜π“π’°π’Όπ’»π’Όπ’°Ν˜ π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want you to help us talk Osage. Unknown 578
114 𐓏𐒰𐓓𐒰𐓓𐒷 𐒻𐒷 π“„π’»π“‚Ν˜ 𐓏𐒰 π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want them to learn Osage. Unknown 578
115 𐒰𐒿𐒻 𐓏𐒰𐒹𐒷𐒹𐒷 π“ˆπ“‚Ν˜π“„π’· 𐓏𐒲 The chair looks weak. Unknown 578
116 π’°π“ˆπ’³Ν˜π’Όπ’° 𐒼𐒰𐓐𐒰 Turn on the light. Unknown 578
117 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 𐓓𐒰𐓀𐒻𐒷 I think it's good. Unknown 578
118 𐒷 𐓏𐒰𐓓𐒰 𐓁𐒳𐒼𐒷 π“π’»π“ˆπ’° π’Ήπ“‚π“π’·Ν˜π’Όπ’»π“Šπ’· Where did you put your car. Unknown 578
119 π“ˆπ’°π“π’° π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· π“‡π’΅π’·π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π“π’»Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π“π’»π’Ώπ’»Ν˜ When you go to town, bring me back something. Unknown 578
120 π“π“‚Ν˜π“„π’·π’Ήπ’»Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π’Ήπ’· I'm hungry. Unknown 578
121 𐓏𐒻𐒷 𐓁𐒰𐒼'π“‚Ν˜ π’°π“€π’°Ν˜π““π’»Ν˜ I did not hear you. Unknown 578
122 π’Ήπ“π’°π“π’»Ν˜ π“π’»π“ˆπ’° π’°π“‡π’΅π’»Ν˜ π“π’°π“Šπ’»π’· Did you bring my blanket. Unknown 578
123 π““π“‚π“π’°Ν˜π“π’°π’Ώπ’· 𐓇𐒡𐒷 π“‡π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π“‡π“ˆπ’° Do you want to go with us? Unknown 578
124 𐒰𐓇𐒡𐒷 𐓄𐒰𐒿𐒰 You are holding back. Unknown 578
125 π“ˆπ’°π“π’° 𐒼𐓇𐒻 𐒴𐒷 𐓍𐒰𐒹𐒰 π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π“π’»Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π“π’»π’΄π“Žπ“π’»Ν˜ π’Ώπ’»π“ˆπ’° π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· When I go to town, I will bring you something back. Unknown 578
126 π’Ήπ“‚π“π’·Ν˜π’Όπ’» π“‡π’΅π“Žπ“π’»Ν˜ Where did you buy it? Unknown 578
127 π’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜π’Όπ’° π“π“Žπ“ˆπ’°π““π’» Turn off the light. Unknown 578
128 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’»π“π’» 𐒴𐒷 I give up. Unknown 578
129 𐒰𐓄𐒷 π“ˆπ“π’°Ν˜ π“π’°π“Šπ’» Round Dance. Unknown 578
130 𐓏𐒷𐒼𐒻𐒿𐒲 𐒰𐒿𐒻 𐒻𐒷 I wash my clothes. Unknown 578
131 𐓄𐒰𐓐𐓂 𐒰𐒼𐒰𐒹𐒰 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“π’· π“Šπ’· Let's go to the mountain top. Unknown 578
132 π“„π’·π“Šπ’· 𐓐𐒰 π“‡π“‚π“Šπ’» 𐒼𐓐𐒲 The fire smoked. Unknown 578
133 π“€π’°Ν˜π“π’» 𐓏𐒻𐒷 I deceived you. Unknown 578
134 𐒼𐒰𐓏𐒰 π’»π’Όπ’»π’Όπ’°π“π’»Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“π’° 𐓄𐒷 We traded horses. Unknown 578
135 π’»π’Όπ’»π’Όπ’°π“π’»Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’»π’Ό'π“Žπ“„π’· They gave me change. Unknown 578
136 π’°Ν˜π“π’°π“‡π’Όπ’°Ν˜ π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“π’· We will try our best. Unknown 578
137 𐓏𐒰𐒼𐓂𐒷 𐓓𐒻 𐒿𐒻𐓍𐒻 Come right back. Unknown 578
138 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’»π“†π“Žπ’· π“€π’°π““π’»Ν˜ I forgot it. Unknown 578
139 π“€π’°π“‡π“‚Ν˜ π“‚π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· Vote. Unknown 578
140 π“Šπ’»π““π’· π’»π“π“‚π“Šπ’· 𐒼𐓐𐒲 The door is open. Unknown 578
141 π“‚π“Šπ’·π““π’·π“Šπ’»Ν˜ π“Šπ’» 𐒴𐒷 I am going to the outhouse. Unknown 578
142 π“‚π““π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’· 𐓄𐒰 𐒰𐒹𐒰 𐓄𐒲 The roads are slick. Unknown 578
143 π““π’°π“π’°Ν˜ π“π’»Ν˜ π“π’·π’°π“Šπ’»π’· I hit him with a stick. Unknown 578
144 π“€π’°Ν˜π“π’» π“π’°Ν˜π“π’°π“„π’· You deceived us. Unknown 578
145 π’»π’Όπ’»π’Όπ’°Ν˜π“π’»Ν˜ 𐓄𐒰𐓐𐒷 π’°Ν˜π““π’» π“€π’°Ν˜π“’π’· 𐒰 π’·π’΄π“Žπ“’π’· I made a trade but I took money instead. Unknown 578
146 𐒷𐒼𐒻𐓍𐒷 π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’»π’· 𐒼𐓐𐒲 He doesn't think so. Unknown 578
147 π’°Ν˜π“’π“‚ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I am enjoying it. Unknown 578
148 π“π’°π“π’°π“‡π’Όπ’°Ν˜ You do your best. Unknown 578
149 π’·π’Όπ’»π““π“‚Ν˜ 𐒷𐓄𐓇𐒷 I told you to do that. Unknown 578
150 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ“‚π“Šπ’· π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“π’· We are looking for it. Unknown 578
151 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ“‚π’Ήπ’» 𐓄𐒷 We won. Unknown 578
152 𐒰𐓁𐒰𐒼𐓂𐒷 𐓂𐓀𐒻𐓓𐒷 π’°Ν˜π“π’»Ν˜π“‡π’Όπ’»π“„π’· We washed the rug. Unknown 578
153 𐓆𐒻 π“π’»π“ˆπ’° π’°π“ˆπ’° π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓄𐒰 π’·π“π’³Ν˜ You're going to freeze your foot now. Unknown 578
154 π“€π’°Ν˜π“’π’· 𐓂𐒼𐒻𐒼𐒻𐒷 𐓐𐒰 𐒼𐒰𐓀𐒰 𐒼𐓐𐒲 The phone is ringing. Unknown 578
155 𐓇𐒻𐒷 𐓄𐒷 Did you go. Unknown 578
156 π“π“‚Ν˜π“Šπ’· 𐓂𐓍𐒻𐒴𐒰 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐒼𐓐𐒲 We're going to smell cedar. Unknown 578
157 π“€π’°Ν˜π“π“‚Ν˜π“„π’· 𐒰 I guess he stole it. Unknown 578
158 𐒼𐒻𐓒𐓂𐓄𐒷 They enjoyed it. Unknown 578
159 π“„π’°π“Šπ’»Ν˜π’· I stooped over. Unknown 578
160 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π’Ώπ’° π“„π’»π“‚Ν˜ We are leaving. Unknown 578
161 π’·π’Όπ’»π“‡π“ˆπ’° 𐓓𐒻 π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· You don't think so. Unknown 578
162 π’Ήπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’» 𐓂𐓄𐒰𐓆𐒰 𐒼𐓐𐒲 I had a bad dream. Unknown 578
163 π“„π’°π’Ήπ“Žπ“π’· 𐒼𐓐𐒲 It's snowing. Unknown 578
164 𐒹𐓂 π’°Ν˜π’΄π’· I am going fishing. Unknown 578
165 π’Ώπ’»Ν˜ π““π“‚π’°Ν˜π’Ώπ’· Sit with me. Unknown 578
166 𐓇𐒰𐒼𐒷 π“‚π“π’»π’΄π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want to shake your hand. Unknown 578
167 𐒻𐓍𐒰𐓍𐒷 I saw it. Unknown 578
168 π“ˆπ’°π“„π’· π’Όπ“‚Ν˜ 𐒰𐓍𐒰𐓄𐒷 They went to play ball. Unknown 578
169 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ“‚π“π’»π’Όπ’°Ν˜ 𐓄𐒷 We helped you. Unknown 578
170 𐓄𐒷𐓍𐒷 Who is it? Unknown 578
171 π“π’»π“Šπ’» 𐒼𐓐𐒲 They are cold. Unknown 578
172 π“‚π“„π“‚π“Šπ’· 𐒰𐓇𐒻 𐒰𐓍𐒻𐓍𐒰 Take out the trash. Unknown 578
173 π“Šπ’·π“π’· π’Όπ’³Ν˜ π“ˆπ“‚π“‡π’· 𐒼𐓐𐒲 The tire is flat. Unknown 578
174 π’Όπ“‚π“Šπ’» 𐒰𐓄𐒰 π’·π’·π’Ύπ“‚Ν˜ 𐓄𐒻 π’°Ν˜π“π’°π“Š'𐒰 𐓄𐒻 We can't do it like they did. Unknown 578
175 π’°π“Šπ’» π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓄𐒲 They are coming. Unknown 578
176 𐓍𐒷 𐓏𐒰𐒹𐓃 π“„π’°π’Ήπ’³Ν˜π’Ώπ’· 𐒼𐒰𐓐𐒰 𐓄𐒻 Keep respect first (in your life). Unknown 578
177 π’Όπ“‚π“ˆπ’² π’Όπ’»π“Šπ’· It's over there. Unknown 578
178 π“π’°π’Όπ’»π“†π“Žπ““π’» You forgot. Unknown 578
179 π’°π’Ώπ’»π“‡π“ˆπ’· π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· π“Šπ’· π’Ώπ’»Ν˜π’Όπ’° Sit over there on the couch. Unknown 578
180 π“Šπ’» 𐒹𐒷 𐒰𐓀𐒰𐓓𐒻 𐒰𐓓𐒰 π“‚π“€π’»π“π’·π“‡π“ˆπ’° π“‚π“π“Ž π“Žπ“†π“Šπ“Ž 𐓇𐒼𐒻 π’°π“π’»Ν˜π“π’° Take the bed, mattress, and dresser upstairs. Unknown 578
181 π“€π’°Ν˜π“’π’· 𐓂𐒼𐒻𐒼𐒻𐒷 π“‚π’Ήπ“‚Ν˜π“Šπ’» π“Šπ’» π“‚π’Ώπ’»Ν˜ π“Šπ’·π’° Put the telephone in the kitchen. Unknown 578
182 𐓍𐒰 𐒰𐓇𐓄𐒰 Did you invite him? Unknown 578
183 π’»Ν˜π“Šπ’· 𐓏𐒰𐒿𐒷𐓒𐒷 π’°π“ˆπ’°π’Όπ’° π“π“Žπ“π’»Ν˜ He bought a lamp and a picture. Unknown 578
184 π““π’°Ν˜π“„π’°π“’π’· π“€π’°Ν˜π“‚Ν˜ π’·π“Šπ’» 𐒼𐒻𐒷 𐓄𐒷 They say the quail and prairie chicken are there. Unknown 578
185 𐓀𐒻𐒼𐒰 π“π’»Ν˜ π’°π“π’°Ν˜π“π’°π“„π’· They saw a coon. Unknown 578
186 π“π’·π’Ώπ’»Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π“π’»π’· I have a headache. Unknown 578
187 π’Ήπ’°π“ˆπ“π’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π“‡π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π“‡π“ˆπ’° When do you want it. Unknown 578
188 𐒻𐒼𐒻𐒿𐒰 𐒷 𐓄𐒻 Divide them. Unknown 578
189 π“ˆπ’°π’΄π’· 𐓍𐒰𐓄𐒻𐒷 𐒰𐓄𐒰 I heard they went hunting. Unknown 578
190 𐓂𐒼𐒰 π’·π“Šπ’» π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ Is there room over there. Unknown 578
191 𐓓𐓂𐒻𐒼𐒰 𐒻𐒷 𐓍𐒷 π“Šπ’· Let him talk about the body. Unknown 578
192 π“π’·π’Ώπ’»Ν˜ 𐒰𐓁𐒻𐒰 π“π’°π“ˆπ’° π’»π“‡π“ˆπ’° π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ 𐓇𐒼𐒻 𐒷𐓏𐒲 𐒼𐓐𐒰 𐒰 My head aches, I guess because of my ears or eyes. Unknown 578
193 π“‚π“π’»π“ˆπ’° 𐓍𐒻𐓆𐒰𐓍𐒰 𐒷𐒷𐓁𐒳 𐒰 π’Όπ’°π“π“‚Ν˜ 𐒼𐓐𐒰 His arm is broken because of his car wreck. Unknown 578
194 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’»π“‚Ν˜π“π’· π’°Ν˜π“π’· We're separated. Unknown 578
195 π“π’»π“ˆπ’° π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’° Don't touch it. Unknown 578
196 𐓏𐒰𐓍𐒻𐓐𐒻 Wake them up. Unknown 578
197 π“π’°π“Šπ“Žπ’· π“‡π’Όπ“Žπ’· π“„π’°π“‡π“ˆπ“Ž I'll cut the cake. Unknown 578
198 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’»π“†π’» π’°Ν˜π“„π’° He is mad at me. Unknown 578
199 𐓍𐒻𐓒𐓂 π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· π’·π’Όπ“‚Ν˜ π“π’»Ν˜π“‡π’· It looks like you are enjoying it. Unknown 578
200 𐒼𐒰𐓇𐒻𐒼𐒰 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐒻𐓏𐒻𐓍𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I'll see you later. Unknown 578
201 π“π’»π“ˆπ’° 𐓍𐒲 π“‡π’΅π’»π“‡π“ˆπ’° π“π’°π“π’°π“ˆπ’° 𐒹𐒰 𐒷𐓄𐓇𐒷 I am wanting to pray for us when you get finished. Unknown 578
202 π““π’°Ν˜ π’Όπ’»π“ˆπ“π’° 𐓂𐓐𐒰𐓄𐒰 𐓄𐒷 He fell from a tree. Unknown 578
203 π“‚π“π’°Ν˜π’Όπ“Ž 𐓄𐒷 They fed us. Unknown 578
204 𐓍𐒷 𐓒𐒰𐓁𐒻 𐓏𐒻𐒷 𐒼𐓇𐒻𐒷 I am addressing you all. Unknown 578
205 π“‚π’Ήπ“‚Ν˜ 𐓆𐒰𐒼𐒻 π“ˆπ“‚π’· 𐓐𐒰 π“‚π’Ήπ“‚Ν˜π’· 𐒼𐓐𐒲 He is cooking some corn soup. Unknown 578
206 π’Όπ’°π“‡π“Žπ“„π’° Pay for it. Unknown 578
207 𐓂𐓏𐒷 π“ˆπ“‚π’· π’°π“π’»π’Ώπ’»Ν˜ Bring back some groceries. Unknown 578
208 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 π’Ήπ“Žπ’Όπ“‚π“π’° π’Ώπ’»Ν˜π“„π’· Good many of us here. Unknown 578
209 π’°Ν˜π“„π’°π’Ώπ’° I am holding back. Unknown 578
210 𐒰𐓇𐒻 π’°π’Ώπ’»Ν˜ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I have been outside. Unknown 578
211 𐓂𐓍𐒰𐒼𐒷 π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· Is there any news? What's new? Unknown 578
212 π“€π’°Ν˜π“π’»π“π’· 𐓂𐓀𐒰𐒼𐒰 π“π’°Ν˜π“„π’· They are easy to deceive. Unknown 578
213 𐒹𐒰 𐒰 π“‡π“ˆπ“Žπ“Šπ’· π’°Ν˜π’Όπ“‚π’· π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“π’· We are wearing warm shirts. Unknown 578
214 π’Ήπ’°π“π’»Ν˜ π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’»π’· Put a blanket on him. Unknown 578
215 𐓂𐓏𐒷𐓁𐒰 𐒻𐓍𐒰 π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want to say something in appreciation. Unknown 578
216 π“π’»π“Šπ’»π““π’· Remove it. Unknown 578
217 π“€π’»π“‚Ν˜π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π’°π“π’°π“π“‚Ν˜π’΄π’· π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π’Όπ’°π“ˆπ“π’² What time are we going to eat? Unknown 578
218 𐒷𐓍𐒰𐒹𐒰 π“ˆπ“‚π“„π’° 𐒹𐒰 𐓏𐒰𐒼'π“Žπ’· Give each of them four. Unknown 578
219 π“π’·π’Όπ’°π“π’»Ν˜ π“‡π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π“‡π“ˆπ’° Do you want one of these? Unknown 578
220 π’Ύπ“Žπ“‚Ν˜ Come here. Unknown 578
221 π“‚π’Ώπ“Žπ“„π’² 𐒼𐓐𐒲 It's rotten. Unknown 578
222 𐒻𐓇𐓄𐒰𐒹𐓂 𐓂𐓄𐒲 π“π“‚Ν˜π“π’°π“π’°π“‡π’· Those of you that understand. Unknown 578
223 𐒻𐓍𐒻 𐓍𐒰 𐓓𐒻 𐒼𐓐𐒲 He don't see you. Unknown 578
224 𐓂𐓍𐒰𐒼𐒰 Tell it. Unknown 578
225 𐒻𐓏𐒰𐓆𐒲 I don't believe it. Unknown 578
226 π“ˆπ’° π“π’°π“Šπ’· π’Όπ’»π’Ήπ“‚Ν˜π“„π’· He likes to eat meat. Unknown 578
227 π’°Ν˜π“‡π’Όπ’»π’Όπ’° I'm tired. Unknown 578
228 π’Όπ’»π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π“’π’· π’°Ν˜π’Όπ“‚π“„π’· π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐒼𐓐𐒲 We are going into the meeting. Unknown 578
229 𐒹𐒰 𐓍𐒷 𐓏𐒰𐒿𐒷𐓒𐒷 π’°Ν˜π“Šπ’» 𐓇𐒡𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ Are you going to class tonight? Unknown 578
230 𐓍𐒰 𐒼𐒻𐒿𐒰𐓒𐓂 Get some rest. Unknown 578
231 π“€π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’»π’°π“Šπ’» π“π’°π“ˆπ“ƒ 𐒰𐓍𐒰𐓄𐒷 They went to watch the wrestling match. Unknown 578
232 π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ 𐒻𐓍𐒲 π“π’°π“Šπ’»π’· What did you come to talk about? Unknown 578
233 π“Šπ’· 𐒰 𐓂𐓁𐒻𐓍𐒷 Calf roping. Unknown 578
234 𐒼𐒰𐓏𐒰 𐒼𐒻𐓄𐒰𐓁𐒰 Horse race. Unknown 578
235 𐓄𐒰 π“π’»π“‡π“ˆπ“‚π“π’· Runny nose. Unknown 578
236 π’»π“‡π“ˆπ’° π“‚π“Š'𐓂𐒼𐒰 Sleepy. Unknown 578
237 π“‡π’Όπ’°π“Šπ’· 𐓓𐓂𐒿𐒰 𐓓𐒻 𐒰𐓄𐒲 They won't play with him. Unknown 578
238 π“‡π“‚Ν˜π’Όπ’· 𐓐𐒰 π’Ήπ’»Ν˜π“Šπ’· π“π’°π“‡π“ˆπ’°π“„π’· 𐒼𐓐𐒲 The dog is licking his plate. Unknown 578
239 π“‚π’Ώπ’°Ν˜π’Όπ’· 𐓂𐓏𐒰𐓐𐓄𐒰 I lost my cap. Unknown 578
240 𐓂𐓏𐓐𐒰𐓄𐒰 𐓍𐒰𐓄𐒷 They lost it. They got lost. Unknown 578
241 π“π’»π’Ήπ’°Ν˜ Lift it. Unknown 578
242 π“„π’·π“Šπ’· π’Όπ’»π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π“π’° Light the fire. Unknown 578
243 π“ˆπ’°π“π’° π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ 𐓇𐒻𐒷 What did you go to town for? Unknown 578
244 𐓂𐒼'𐒰 𐓓𐒻 𐒰𐓄𐒲 Something is holding them back. Unknown 578
245 π““π’°Ν˜π“π’°π“π’»Ν˜ 𐒻𐓍𐒰 π“Šπ’»Ν˜π’· You hit him with a stick. Unknown 578
246 π“‚π““π’»π““π’»Ν˜ Egg them on. Unknown 578
247 𐓂𐓁𐒰𐒿𐒻 Hurry up. Unknown 578
248 𐓏𐒰𐒼𐓂𐒷 π’°π’Ώπ’»Ν˜ π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I'll be right back. Unknown 578
249 π“‚π’Ήπ“‚Ν˜ π“π“‚Ν˜π’Ήπ’° π’·π“ˆπ“π’°Ν˜π“„π’· It's almost time to cook. Unknown 578
250 π“π’°π“π“‚Ν˜π’΄π’· π“π’°Ν˜π“„π’°Ν˜ 𐓄𐒷 We have been invited to eat. Unknown 578
251 𐒰𐓍𐒰 π’»π“Šπ’»Ν˜ 𐓄𐒷 He hit me. Unknown 578
252 𐒻𐓍𐒰 You see it. Unknown 578
253 𐒻𐓍𐒰 𐓍𐒰𐓄𐒷 Did you all see it. Unknown 578
254 π“†π“Žπ’Όπ’° π“‚π“π’°π’Ήπ’°Ν˜ π“ˆπ“π’°π“π’· I am cooking chicken. Unknown 578
255 π“ˆπ’°π“π’° π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· 𐓄𐓇𐒻𐒷 π““π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‚π“π’°π’Όπ’»π’Ήπ’° π’·π’·π“ˆπ“π’° π“‚π’Ύπ“Žπ’Ώπ’°Ν˜ π’°π’΄π“Žπ“π’»Ν˜ 𐓄𐓇𐒻𐒷 I went to town to buy clothes for my grandchild. Unknown 578
256 π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ 𐓂𐓍𐒰𐒹𐒰 π“π’°π“ˆπ“π’°π“‡π’· What are you cooking? Unknown 578
257 π“†π“Žπ’Όπ’° 𐓂𐓏𐒰𐒹𐒰 She is cooking chicken. Unknown 578
258 π“€π’°Ν˜π“π’· 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ 𐒹𐓂 π“‚π’Ώπ’°Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“Šπ’· π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐒼𐓐𐒲 It's a good day, we are going fishing. Unknown 578
259 𐓀𐒰𐒹𐒻 π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’» 𐒼𐒻 𐓐𐒻𐓍𐒰 Put the knife down. Unknown 578
260 π’Όπ’»Ν˜ Tote, Purse, Carry Unknown 578
261 π“‚π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· He caught it. Unknown 578
262 𐒹𐓂 𐒻𐓓𐒻 π““π’°Ν˜π’Ώπ’· Fishing pole. Unknown 578
263 π“π’°π“†π“Žπ’Ήπ“Ž 𐓄𐒰𐓐𐒷 I cleaned it. Unknown 578
264 𐓍𐒷𐒼𐒰 π“ˆπ“‚π“’π’· π’Ώπ’°Ν˜π“π’· π“‚π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· 𐒰𐓄𐒰 They say they catch big catfish there. Unknown 578
265 π“ˆπ’° 𐓄𐒰𐓆𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I'm going to cut meat. Unknown 578
266 𐓍𐒻 𐓒𐒻𐓍𐒰 Stretch it. Unknown 578
267 𐒼𐒰𐓆𐒻 π’Ήπ“‚π“π’·Ν˜π’Όπ’» π“‡π’΅π’·π“‡π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ 𐓄𐒰𐓇𐒷 Where are you going tomorrow? Unknown 578
268 𐒰𐓇𐒻 π“π’°π“π“‚Ν˜π’΄π’· 𐓏𐒰𐓒𐓂𐒷 It's fun to eat outside. Unknown 578
269 𐓂𐓏𐒰𐓁𐒻𐓓𐒻 𐒰𐓓𐒻 π““π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’°π““π’»Ν˜ 𐒷𐓁𐒳 𐒼𐒻𐓒𐓂 π“π’°Ν˜π“„π’· I am afraid, but the children are enjoying it. Unknown 578
270 π’Ήπ’»π“Šπ’· π““π’»Ν˜π’· π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π““π“Ž π“Šπ’· 𐓁𐒻 𐓇𐒼𐒻 π“‚π’Ώπ’°Ν˜ Let's set the table and put water too. Unknown 578
271 π“ˆπ’°π“π’° π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· 𐓀𐒰𐓍𐒻 𐓂𐓏𐒷 π“ˆπ“‚π’· π“π“Žπ“π’»Ν˜ π“ˆπ“‚ 𐒰 π’Ήπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· π“€π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“†π’° π“ˆπ’° 𐒹𐒷𐓄𐒻 𐓇𐒼𐒻 Go to town and buy some groceries, potatoes, beans, and coffee. Unknown 578
272 π“π’°π“π“‚Ν˜π’΄π’· π’°Ν˜π“„π’°π“„π’· I was invited to eat. Unknown 578
273 π“€π’»π“π“‚π“ˆπ’° π“Šπ’· π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π“‡π“ˆπ’°π“Šπ’· What are you doing at noon. Unknown 578
274 π’Ήπ’°Ν˜π“„π’° π“€π’°Ν˜π“’π’· π“‚π’Ώπ’°Ν˜ π’΄π“Žπ“π’»Ν˜ 𐓏𐒰𐒿𐒻 π’Ήπ“Žπ’· Today's glasses are really expensive. Unknown 578
275 π’°Ν˜π’Ήπ’»π“π’° π“‡π’Όπ’»π“‚Ν˜ π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐒼𐓐𐒲 We are going swimming too. Unknown 578
276 π’Όπ“‚π“ˆπ’² 𐒼𐒻 𐓁𐒰𐓓𐒻 Stand over there. Unknown 578
277 π’°Ν˜π’Ύπ“Ž 𐓍𐒰 Bring it over here to me. Unknown 578
278 𐒷𐓏𐒰 𐒻𐓍𐒰𐓍𐒻𐒷 I see him. Unknown 578
279 𐒷𐒷𐒼𐒻𐒷 π“„π’»π“‚Ν˜ He said that it was already taken care of. Unknown 578
280 π“π’»π’°Ν˜π“ˆπ’° π“€π’°Ν˜π““π’»π’· I am not cold. Unknown 578
281 𐓂𐓏𐒰𐒹𐒻𐒷 I won. Unknown 578
282 π“π’·π’°Ν˜π’Ήπ“‚Ν˜ π““π’»Ν˜ 𐓇𐒼𐒻 𐒰𐒿𐒰 π’΄π’»Ν˜ π’΄π’·π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐒹𐒷 I am going to take cooking utensils. Unknown 578
283 π“„π’°π“Šπ’· π“‚π’Ώπ’»Ν˜ 𐒰𐒼𐓂𐒷 π“Šπ’· Let's go for a boat ride. Unknown 578
284 𐓀𐒻𐒰𐒼𐒷 π“„π’·π“π“‚Ν˜π“„π’° π“Šπ’» π“π’°π“„π’°π’Ήπ’°Ν˜ I got up at seven o'clock. Unknown 578
285 π“π“‚π“Šπ’· π“‡π“ˆπ’° Someone that's always late. Unknown 578
286 π’΄π“Žπ“π’»Ν˜ π“π’°Ν˜ π“Š'𐒰 𐓇𐒷 I can't buy it. Unknown 578
287 𐒹𐒰𐓁𐒰 π“Šπ’· How many of them? How much is it? Unknown 578
288 𐓇𐒷 π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ What's that? Unknown 578
289 𐒰𐒼𐒰𐒹𐒰𐓀𐒻 π“π’»π“ˆπ’° π“‚π“„π’°π“Šπ’» 𐓁𐒳 Hang up your coat. Unknown 578
290 𐒰𐒿𐒻 π“ˆπ’² Let's sit down. Unknown 578
291 𐓍𐒰 π’Ώπ’»Ν˜π’Όπ’° 𐓓𐒻𐓓𐓂 Before you sit down. Unknown 578
292 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π“Žπ’·π“’π’· Teach me. Show me. Unknown 578
293 𐓏𐒰𐓍𐒻𐒿𐒰 π’°π“‡π’Όπ’°Ν˜ Get's mad easy. Unknown 578
294 π’Όπ’°π“ˆπ’°π“Šπ’· Stuck. Unknown 578
295 𐓂𐓏𐒰𐓍𐒷𐓇𐒼𐒻 Whoever. Unknown 578
296 π“€π“‚Ν˜π“‡π“‚Ν˜ π’»π“Šπ’· 𐒼𐒰𐓐𐒰 Touch it with a feather. Unknown 578
297 π’·π’Όπ’»π““π“‚Ν˜ π“π’°Ν˜π“Šπ’· π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· Is it possible for you to do this. Unknown 578
298 𐓐𐒰𐒼𐒷 𐒰𐓄𐒲 They are crying. Unknown 578
299 𐒰𐓍𐒻 𐓐𐒰𐒼𐒷 𐒰𐓄𐒲 They are crying for you. Unknown 578
300 π“ˆπ“‚π“π’³ 𐓍𐒰𐓄𐒷 They bawled me out. Unknown 578
301 𐒰𐓍𐒷 π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓄𐒲 They are not going. Unknown 578
302 π“π’°π“Šπ’» π“‡π“ˆπ’°π““π’» 𐓁𐒳 You never go to the dances. Unknown 578
303 π“Š'𐒷𐒼𐒰 𐓂𐒼'𐒲𐒼𐒰 Don't act silly. Unknown 578
304 π“π’»π“π“Žπ“’π’· π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓄𐒲 They are going to take it. Unknown 578
305 π“π’»π“Šπ’»π““π’· π“Šπ’·π’° I asked them to remove it. Unknown 578
306 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ“‚π“ˆπ’° 𐓄𐒰𐓓𐒻𐒷 We are not looking for it. Unknown 578
307 𐒼𐓂𐓄𐓇𐒷 𐓍𐒻𐒿𐒰 𐒼𐓐𐒲 He is trying to run off. Unknown 578
308 𐓇 π’»π“‡π“ˆπ’° π“π’°Ν˜π“Šπ’° 𐓓𐒻𐒷 You shouldn't be touching it. Unknown 578
309 𐓁𐓂𐓄𐒷𐓁𐒻𐒹𐒻 Are you hungry? Unknown 578
310 π“π’·π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π“Šπ’· 𐓇𐒡𐒷 You going now? Unknown 578
311 𐓂𐒼𐒰𐓇𐒷 π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· π’·π“π’°Ν˜π“‡π’· Have you been well? How have you been doing? How's everything going? Unknown 578
312 π““π’°Ν˜ π“ˆπ“‚π’· 𐒼𐒰𐓆𐒰 Cut some wood. Unknown 578
313 π““π’°Ν˜ π“ˆπ“‚π’· 𐒰𐓆𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I am going to cut some wood. Unknown 578
314 𐓏𐒷𐒼𐒻𐒿𐒲 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻𐓇𐒼𐒻 Did you wash (your clothes)? Unknown 578
315 𐓏𐒰𐒾'π“Ž π“Š'𐒰 Lame (also use like making an excuse) Unknown 578
316 𐒷𐒼𐒻𐒴𐒷 I am thinking that way. Unknown 578
317 𐓍𐒻𐒷 𐒻𐓍𐒻𐒴𐒰 𐓁𐒻 Have you had enough? Unknown 578
318 𐓁𐒻 𐓏𐒷𐒴𐒰 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“ˆπ“π’² We have enough water (.) (?) Unknown 578
319 π“ˆπ“‚π“ˆπ’° 𐒴𐒷 I am going on the war path. Unknown 578
320 π“π“Žπ“Š'𐒰𐒼𐒷 They can't do it. Unknown 578
321 π’°Ν˜π“€π’°π“π“‚π“„π’· We stole it. Unknown 578
322 𐒰 π’Ήπ“‚Ν˜π’· I liked it. Unknown 578
323 𐓍𐒻𐒷 𐓁𐒳 π“π“‚Ν˜ π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· Are you the oldest? Unknown 578
324 𐓏𐒰𐓍𐒻𐓇𐒻𐓄𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π’·π’Ύπ“Žπ“π’° If they ask you to help, you do it. Unknown 578
325 𐓂𐓍𐓂𐓇𐒻𐓀𐒰 He/She is in the way. Unknown 578
326 π“‚π’°Ν˜π“π“‚π“„π’° Defend me. Unknown 578
327 π“‚π’Ύπ“Žπ’·π“π’»Ν˜ You got yourself into trouble. Unknown 578
328 π’Ήπ’°π“ˆπ“π’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π“π’»π“‡π“ˆπ’° π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓄𐒲 When are they going to be finished? Unknown 578
329 𐓍𐒷 π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π““π’°π’Όπ’· π’΄π“Žπ“Š'𐒰𐒼𐒷 π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I came across something I could not handle. Unknown 578
330 π’Ήπ’°π“ˆπ“π’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· How long are you going to be there? Unknown 578
331 𐓂𐒻𐒰 𐓄𐒲 Questioning (they are) Unknown 578
332 𐓓𐓂𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒷 π“π’°π“Šπ’»π’· Are you with him? Unknown 578
333 𐒷𐓍𐒰𐒹𐒰 Let's go that way. That direction. Unknown 578
334 π’»π“Šπ’»π’Όπ“‚π’·π“„π’° The President of the United States. Unknown 578
335 π“„π’·π“‡π“ˆπ’° Bald Headed. Unknown 578
336 π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’° 𐓇𐒼𐒻 𐓂𐓍𐒰𐒼𐒰 Tell everything. Unknown 578
337 𐓂𐒼𐒰𐒹𐒰𐓀𐒰 π“π“Žπ“€π’°π““π’»Ν˜ Raise the window. Unknown 578
338 𐓏𐒰𐒿𐒻 𐓂𐓍𐒰𐒹𐒻 π“π’°Ν˜π“‡π’»π’·π“„π’· You've really been winning. Unknown 578
339 𐒼𐒰𐒼𐓂𐓇𐓂 π“π’°Ν˜π“‡π’· π“π’°π’Ώπ“‚Ν˜ 𐓇𐒡𐒻 π“π“Žπ“π“Ž Keep it up and you will get drunk! Unknown 578
340 π’»π“π’·π“‡π“ˆπ’° π“π’°Ν˜π“‡π’· Are you ready? Unknown 578
341 𐓄𐒰𐓏𐒰𐓄'π’»Ν˜ 𐒼𐓐𐒲 He has a bloody nose. Unknown 578
342 𐒻𐒼'π“Žπ“Š'𐒰 Try it. Unknown 578
343 π“€π’»π“ˆπ“‚π’·π’Ώπ’» π“π’»Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π’Ό'π“Žπ’· Give me a stick (piece) of gum. Unknown 578
344 𐒹𐒿𐒰 𐒰 𐓂𐓐𐒷 π’°π““π“Ž Put flowers on the grave. Unknown 578
345 𐒰𐒼𐒰𐓆𐓄𐒷 Cover it up. Unknown 578
346 π“ˆπ’² 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻𐓇𐒷 𐓄𐒲 They are running wild (out of control). Unknown 578
347 π“‡π“‚Ν˜π’Όπ’· π“‚π’Όπ“Ž 𐓀𐒰𐓍𐒻 Go feed the dog. Unknown 578
348 π“‡π“‚Ν˜π’Όπ’· 𐓂𐓍𐒻𐓁𐒳 𐓀𐒰𐓍𐒻 Go tie up the dog. Unknown 578
349 𐓇𐓂𐓍𐒷𐓍𐒷 𐒰𐓍𐒰𐓄𐒷 He left for good (forever). Unknown 578
350 π“€π’°Ν˜π“’π’· 𐒰 𐓍𐒻 π“π“Žπ“’π’· π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓄𐒲 They are going to take money from you. Unknown 578
351 π“€π’°Ν˜π“’π’· π’Ήπ“Žπ“π’°π’Ώπ’» π“„π’·π“Šπ’· π“‚π“π’°π’Ώπ’°Ν˜ I've got too many irons in the fire. Unknown 578
352 π’Ήπ’°π“‡π’»π“ˆπ’° π“‚π’Ώπ’»Ν˜ Sit in the back. Unknown 578
353 π“€π’°π’Ήπ’»Ν˜π“†π“„π’· π“π“Žπ“’π’° π““π’°Ν˜ π“ˆπ“‚π’· 𐒼𐒰𐓆𐒷 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“Šπ’· Get the axe, let's go cut some wood. Unknown 578
354 𐓁𐒻𐒷 𐓄𐓇𐒷 𐓏𐒰𐒼'π“Žπ’· Pass the water around. Unknown 578
355 𐓂𐓍𐓂𐓏𐒲 𐓄𐒲 They are controlling our business. Unknown 578
356 π’»Ν˜π“„π’·π’Ήπ’»Ν˜ π’»Ν˜π“„π’·π’Ήπ’»Ν˜ 𐒼𐓇𐒻𐒷 Put a pillow under his head. Unknown 578
357 π’Ήπ“‚Ν˜π“„π’· π“‚π“π’°π““π’»Ν˜ Put your shoes on. Unknown 578
358 𐓂𐓍𐓂𐒼𐒻𐓁𐒰𐓓𐒻 𐓂𐒼𐒻𐓐𐒰 Put your pants on. Unknown 578
359 𐓏𐒷𐒿𐒻𐓓𐓂𐒷 π“‚π“π’»π“ˆπ’° π“‚π““π“Ž 𐓍𐒻 Put gas in the car. Unknown 578
360 π’Όπ’»π“†π“Žπ’·π““π’»Ν˜ 𐒼𐓐𐒲 He/She doesn't remember. He forgot. Unknown 578
361 𐒰𐓍𐒷 π“π’³Ν˜π’Όπ’· Run off with …. "something". Unknown 578
362 π’Όπ’°π“Šπ“Žπ“π’° Sweep it. Unknown 578
363 π“π’°π’΄π“‚Ν˜ π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want to sing. Unknown 578
364 π’°Ν˜π“π’°π“π“‚Ν˜ π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐒼𐓐𐒲 We're going to sing. Unknown 578
365 π“π’°π“„π’°π“Šπ’· π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I am going to sew. Unknown 578
366 π“ˆπ“‚π“Šπ’·π’Ήπ’° Glutton. Unknown 578
367 𐓏𐒰𐓁𐒰𐒼𐒲 An error. Unknown 578
368 𐓏𐒰𐓁𐒰𐒼'𐒲 𐓄𐒰𐓐𐒷 I made an error. Unknown 578
369 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’»π’Ό'π“Ž Give it back. Unknown 578
370 𐒰𐓁𐒰𐓇𐒷 Step on it. Unknown 578
371 𐓏𐒰𐓆𐓄𐒷 To stay. Unknown 578
372 𐒹𐒰𐓁𐒰 𐓄𐒰𐓒𐒷 π“Šπ’» π“‚π’Ώπ’»Ν˜ 𐒼𐓐𐒲 He is in jail. Unknown 578
373 π’·π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π’Ώπ’· π“ˆπ’² We better go home now. (you and someone else) Unknown 578
374 π’Όπ’»π’Ώπ“Žπ“’π’° π“€π’°π“π’»Ν˜ Go take it away from him. Unknown 578
375 π“π’»π’Ήπ’°Ν˜ π“π“Žπ“Š'𐒰𐒼𐒷 𐒼𐓐𐒲 He can't lift it. Unknown 578
376 π“„π“‡π“Ž π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I am coming. Unknown 578
377 𐒹𐒰 𐒰 π“‡π“ˆπ“Žπ“Šπ’· π““π’»Ν˜ π“π’°Ν˜π“‡π’· You are wearing a warm shirt (.) (?) Unknown 578
378 𐒷 π“„π’°π“Š'π’»Ν˜π’· 𐒼𐓐𐒲 He/She stooped over. Unknown 578
379 π’»π“‡π“ˆπ’° π“π“Žπ“ˆπ’°π“‡π’° Wink. Unknown 578
380 π’°Ν˜π’΄π“Žπ’΄π“Žπ“π’· I'm nervous. Unknown 578
381 π“ˆπ“‚π’Όπ“‚π““π’»Ν˜ Other side. Unknown 578
382 π“‚π“π“Žπ“‡π’»π“€π’° π“‡π’΅π’»Ν˜π’°Ν˜ You are in the way. Unknown 578
383 π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ 𐒳 What cha ma call it. Unknown 578
384 π“π’·π’Ήπ’»π“Šπ’· π“π’°π“Šπ’»π’· You come a long ways. Unknown 578
385 π“‚π’Ώπ’°Ν˜ π““π’»Ν˜ Not right. Unknown 578
386 𐓏𐒰𐓁𐒻𐓍𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓄𐒲 They are going to give away. Unknown 578
387 𐒡𐒰𐓄𐒰 Short. Unknown 578
388 𐓏𐒰𐒹𐓂𐓇𐒡𐒰 Little (in age). Unknown 578
389 𐒡𐓂𐓄𐒰 Little bit. Unknown 578
390 𐒻𐒷 π“π’°π“‡π’Όπ’°Ν˜ Interpret. Unknown 578
391 π“Šπ’·π“†π’· π“π’»π“ˆπ’° 𐓐𐓂 𐓏𐒻𐒷 My stomach is growling. Unknown 578
392 𐓂𐓍𐓂𐓆𐒲 Noisy Unknown 578
393 π“€π’°Ν˜π“„π’»π’Όπ“π’° Perfume. Unknown 578
394 π“‚π““π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’· 𐓐𐒰 π“Šπ’» Crooked or bumpy road. Unknown 578
395 𐓂𐒿𐒷 To chase off or run off something. Unknown 578
396 π“Šπ’»π’Όπ’° π“Šπ’»π““π’· π’Όπ’°π“ˆπ’°π“π’° Knock on the door. Unknown 578
397 π“Šπ’·π’Όπ’° 𐓍𐒷𐒼𐒰 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓄𐒲 They just got started. Unknown 578
398 𐒼𐒰 𐓆𐒰𐒼𐒻 Knock someone out or knock someone down. Unknown 578
399 π’·π“„π’°π“Š'π’»Ν˜ 𐓄𐒷 They bent over. Unknown 578
400 π“‚π“π’»π“ˆπ’° π“π’»π“ˆπ’° π’Ώπ“Žπ““π’° Wash your car. Unknown 578
401 π’°Ν˜π“π’°π’Ήπ’»π“„π’· He beat me. Unknown 578
402 𐒰𐓍𐒻𐒼𐒰 π’°π““π’»Ν˜ π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐒴𐒷 I'm going to lie down. Unknown 578
403 π’Όπ’°π“ˆπ“π’° 𐒰𐓍𐒻𐒼𐓐𐒰 π’°π““π’»Ν˜π’Ήπ’· π“Šπ’· I'm going to take a nap. Unknown 578
404 𐒻𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“Šπ’·π’° 𐓄𐒲 They are going to ask me to talk. Unknown 578
405 𐒻𐒹𐓂𐓏𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓄𐒲 They will ask to talk. Unknown 578
406 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ“‚π“π“Žπ“Š'𐒰𐒼𐒷 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“ˆπ“π’² We are lazy or we are bored. Unknown 578
407 𐒰𐓁𐒰 𐒻𐒼𐒻 π“π’°π’Ώπ’»Ν˜ π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want to get good from it. Unknown 578
408 𐒻𐒼𐒻 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 π“Šπ’· 𐒷𐒷𐓄𐒰 That thing that makes it good. Unknown 578
409 π’·π’Όπ“‚Ν˜ π“Šπ’»Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π““π’»Ν˜ π’Όπ’°π“ˆπ“π’² We don't think it's right for them. Unknown 578
410 𐓀𐒻 𐒰𐓐𐒰 π’»π“π“‚Ν˜ 𐓄𐒻𐒷𐒹𐒰 𐓏𐒰𐓍𐒰𐓇𐓂𐒷 π“‡π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π“‡π“ˆπ’° π“π’°π’Ώπ’»Ν˜ π’·π’Ύπ“Žπ“π’° The sun is up now, if you want to smoke it's all right. Unknown 578
411 𐒼𐒰𐓏𐒰 𐓂𐓏𐒰𐒼𐒰𐓇𐒼𐒷 Tie the horse up. Unknown 578
412 π“π’°π’΄π“Žπ“π’»Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π’Όπ“π’°π’Ήπ’· I'm buying it for him. Unknown 578
413 π“€π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“†π’° π’°Ν˜π’Ύπ“Ž π’Ώπ’°π’Ύπ“Ž 𐒴𐒷 I'm going to get me some coffee. Unknown 578
414 𐓍𐒷 π’·π’Ύπ“Žπ““π“‚ Did you do this? Unknown 578
415 𐓍𐓂𐒹𐒰 π’·π“ˆπ“π’° It's almost time. Unknown 578
416 π’·π’Όπ“‚Ν˜ 𐒰 It must be right or I think it's that way. Unknown 578
417 𐓂𐓄𐒰𐓏𐒻𐒹𐒷 Go for a ride, or ride around also Vacation. Unknown 578
418 π“ˆπ’°π“„π’° Ball or round. Unknown 578
419 π“Ž 𐒷 𐒷 High Unknown 578
420 π“Žπ’΅π’°π“„π’° Low Unknown 578
421 π“‡π’»Ν˜ Fat Unknown 578
422 π’Ώπ’°π“‡π’»Ν˜ Skinny Unknown 578
423 𐓇𐒼𐒻𐒼𐒷 Heavy Unknown 578
424 𐓁𐒻𐒰𐓓𐒻 Quiet, it's quiet. Unknown 578
425 π’»π“Šπ’»Ν˜ Hit with something. Unknown 578
426 𐒰𐒹𐒰𐒼𐒻 I am not sure. Unknown 578
427 π’Ήπ’°π“ˆπ“π’° How long? Unknown 578
428 π’Όπ’»π’Ώπ“‚Ν˜π“„π“Žπ“‚Ν˜ He looks like him, favors him. Unknown 578
429 π’Όπ’»π’Ώπ’·π“π“Šπ’»π“„π“Žπ“‚Ν˜ He really looks like him. Unknown 578
430 𐒰𐓁𐒰𐒼𐓐𐒰𐓐𐒰 He is laughing at me. Unknown 578
431 π’Ήπ“Žπ’Ήπ’·π’Όπ’· 𐓍𐒲𐓇𐒻𐒷𐓄𐒷 𐒰𐓁𐒰𐒼'π“‚Ν˜ I heard you were sick. Unknown 578
432 π“π“Žπ“†π’° Pick it up. Unknown 578
433 𐒰𐒼𐒰𐒹𐒰 𐒰𐒿𐒰 Set it on top. Unknown 578
434 𐒰𐒼𐒰𐒹𐒰𐓀𐒻 π“π’»π“ˆπ’° 𐓂𐓄𐒰𐒹𐒰 Put your coat on. Unknown 578
435 π’Ήπ’°π’Όπ“‚Ν˜ 𐓄𐓇𐒷 π“π’°Ν˜π“„π’· How do you say it? Unknown 578
436 π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π“‡π“ˆπ’°π“Šπ’· π“π’°Ν˜π“„π’· What do you call this? Unknown 578
437 𐒼𐒻𐓍𐒷 𐒰𐒹𐒰 Long ways Unknown 578
438 𐒼𐒻𐓍𐒷 π’°π’Ήπ’°π“π“Šπ’» Way out of your way. Unknown 578
439 𐒰𐓏𐒰 π’Όπ’»π“‚π“π“ˆπ’° You love all of them. Unknown 578
440 π’Όπ’»π“‚π“π“ˆπ’° We all love each other, love between all of us. Unknown 578
441 π“π’°π’Όπ’°π“Š'𐒰 π““π’»Ν˜ Disrespectful Unknown 578
442 𐓍𐒻𐒼𐓃𐓇𐒷 Turn around. Unknown 578
443 𐒼𐒰𐓆𐒻 𐓇𐒻 π’·π’Όπ“‚Ν˜ π“ˆπ’°π“Šπ’»Ν˜ 𐒷𐓄𐒷 It's going to be like that again tomorrow. Unknown 578
444 π’Ήπ’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· 𐒹𐒰𐓐𐒻 𐒻𐒼𐒰𐓐𐒷 𐓁𐒰𐓄𐒷 Blanket is made of wool. Unknown 578
445 𐒷 π“‡π“‚Ν˜π’Όπ’· π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π“‚π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· 𐓁𐒰𐓄𐒷 They catch wolves. Unknown 578
446 𐓂𐓀𐒰𐒼𐒰 𐓏𐒷𐒼𐒻𐒼'π“‚Ν˜ 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 π“π’°π“π’»π“ˆπ’° It is easy to work with good tools. Unknown 578
447 π“ˆπ’° 𐒰 𐒰𐓄𐒰 π“π’°π“Šπ“Žπ“ˆπ’° 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 𐓁𐒰𐓄𐒷 Sheep are good animals. Unknown 578
448 𐒼𐒰𐓏𐒰 π“π’»π“ˆπ’° 𐒼'π’³Ν˜π“†π’°π’Όπ’» Your horse is swift. Unknown 578
449 𐒼𐒱𐒹𐒻𐒼𐒰 𐓐𐒰 𐒷𐒼𐒻𐒷 𐓐𐒰 The chief said that. Unknown 578
450 𐒼𐒱𐒹𐒻𐒼𐒰 𐓐𐒰 π“ˆπ’°Ν˜π’Ήπ’· 𐓐𐒰 The chief is alright. Unknown 578
451 𐓏𐒻𐒷 𐓁𐒰𐒼'π“‚Ν˜ I heard you. Unknown 578
452 𐓓𐓂𐓏𐒻𐒿𐒷 𐒴𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I'll go with you. Unknown 578
453 π’»Ν˜π“ˆπ’°π“Šπ’» 𐓐𐒰 π““π“‚π’Ώπ’°Ν˜π“„π’· Father went with me. Unknown 578
454 π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’° 𐒷𐓇𐒷 What did you say? Unknown 578
455 𐓏𐒻𐒷 𐒷𐒼𐒻𐓄𐓇𐒷 π’Ήπ’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π““π’» I didn't say anything. Unknown 578
456 𐓍𐒻𐒷 π’Ήπ“Žπ’Ήπ’·π’Όπ’° 𐓓𐒰𐓀𐒻𐒼𐓇𐒷 I thought you were sick. Unknown 578
457 Freddy 𐓐𐒰 π“„π’°π’Ίπ“Ž 𐒰 π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· π’Ήπ’°Ν˜π“„π’° Freddy is in Pawhuska today. Unknown 578
458 π“€π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“†π’° 𐓄𐒰𐓏𐒰𐒿𐒻 𐓐𐒰 Coffee is bitter. Unknown 578
459 𐓏𐒻𐒷 π’Ήπ“Žπ’Ήπ’·π’Όπ’° 𐓓𐒰𐓁𐒻𐒼𐓇𐒷 Did you think I was sick? Unknown 578
460 𐒼𐒰𐓏𐒰 𐒹𐓂𐓏𐒲𐒼𐒻 π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· Where's the horse? Unknown 578
461 𐓄𐒷 π“€π’°π“‡π“‚Ν˜ π“‚π“‡π’΅π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· Who did you vote for? Unknown 578
462 π“„π’°π’Ίπ“Ž 𐒰 π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· 𐓄𐓇𐒻𐒷 I've been to Pawhuska. Unknown 578
463 𐓏𐒻𐒷 π“„π’°π’Ίπ“Ž 𐒰 𐓂𐓀𐒲 π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I live in Pawhuska, I'm from Pawhuska. Unknown 578
464 𐓁𐒻𐒼𐒰𐓇𐒻 𐒼𐒰 𐒰𐓍𐒰 𐓄𐒷 The man went away. Unknown 578
465 𐓒𐒰𐓁𐒻 π’°Ν˜π“π’°π““π’» We're all standing. Unknown 578
466 𐒹𐓂𐓏𐒲𐒼𐒻 𐓂𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· Where do you live? Unknown 578
467 π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ 𐓓𐒰𐓓𐒷 𐓍𐒻 π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· What's your name? Unknown 578
468 π““π’°Ν˜π“Šπ’· 𐒰𐓆𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I'm going to cut that tree down. Unknown 578
469 π““π’°Ν˜ π’Όπ’»Ν˜ 𐒰𐒿𐒻 π“„π’»π“‚Ν˜ He has come from carrying wood. Unknown 578
470 π’Ήπ’»Ν˜π“Šπ’· π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· π’Ήπ“Ž 𐓍𐒰 Hand me that plate. Unknown 578
471 𐓀𐒻𐒰𐒼𐒷 𐒿𐒷𐒴𐒳 𐒰𐒿𐒻𐒹𐒰 𐒼𐓐𐒲 It's after ten o'clock. Unknown 578
472 𐓏𐒰𐓓𐒰𐓓𐒷 π“π’»Ν˜π“„π’· You all are Osages. Unknown 578
473 𐓏𐒰𐒼'𐓂 𐒰𐒼𐓐𐒰 π“ˆπ’°π’Όπ’· π“‡π“ˆπ’°π“„π’· The women quarrels a lot. Unknown 578
474 π“π’°Ν˜π“Šπ’· π“π“Žπ“†π’°π’Όπ’» 𐒼𐓐𐒲 You can say when someone has a heart attack Unknown 578
475 𐓒𐒰𐓁𐒻 𐓏𐒷𐓏𐒻𐓁𐒰 π“π’°Ν˜π“„π’· π’»π’Ώπ“‚Ν˜π“„π’° π“π’°π“Šπ’» π“‡π“ˆπ“‚Ν˜π“„π’°π“„π’· Thanking everyone for watching my son dance Unknown 578
476 π“„π’°π“ˆπ’° 𐒿𐒷𐓓𐒷 𐒼𐒰𐓐𐒷 𐒼𐓐𐒲 He’s coloring eggs Unknown 578
477 𐓁𐒰𐒼𐒰 π’°Ν˜π“π’»Ν˜π’Ό'𐒻𐒷 Scratch my back Unknown 578
478 𐓁𐒰𐒼𐒰 π’°Ν˜π’Ώπ“Žπ““π’° Wash my back Unknown 578
479 π“„π’°π’Ώπ’»Ν˜ π“‡π“ˆπ“‚π“π’· 𐒼𐓐𐒲 He has a runny nose Unknown 578
480 π’Όπ’»π’Ώπ“Žπ’·π’Ό'𐒻 π’Ήπ“Žπ“π’° Hand me the spittoon Unknown 578
481 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 π’Ήπ“Žπ’Όπ“‚ 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻𐓄𐒷 It’s good a lot of you are here Unknown 578
482 𐓏𐒰𐓓𐒰𐓓𐒷 𐒻𐒷 𐒻𐒼'π“Ž π“Šπ’· 𐒹𐒲𐓍𐒷 π’Ήπ’°Ν˜π“„π’° π“ˆπ“‚π’· 𐒰𐓄𐒰𐓁𐒰 π“ˆπ’² Let’s adjourn for a few days Unknown 578
483 𐓏𐒰𐒼𐓂𐒷 𐓄𐒰 π“ˆπ’² 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻𐓓𐒻𐓄𐒲 My daughter is running wild Unknown 578
484 𐓀𐒻 π’»π“‡π“ˆπ’°π’Όπ’»π’· Bless your self with the sun Unknown 578
485 π““π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’°π““π’»Ν˜ 𐒰𐓄𐒰 𐓁𐒻 π“π’»π’Ήπ’»π“Šπ’· 𐓄𐒲 The children are playing with the water. Unknown 578
486 π“€π’°π““π’°Ν˜ 𐓂𐒿𐒻 𐒰𐒿𐒰𐓄𐒷 They went back to live in the country Unknown 578
487 π’°π’Όπ’»π“ˆπ’° 𐓄𐒰 π’°π’Ήπ“Žπ“„π’² The police are coming Unknown 578
488 π“π’°π“π’»π“ˆπ’° 𐒰𐓍𐒰𐓄𐒷 He went to work Unknown 578
489 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 𐓁𐒻𐒷 π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want you to get well Unknown 578
490 π“€π’°π““π’°Ν˜ π“ˆπ’°Ν˜π’Ήπ’· π“ˆπ“‚π’Ήπ“‚ 𐒰𐒼𐓐𐒲 The grass is green in the country side Unknown 578
491 π“π’°π’Όπ’°Ν˜π“ˆπ’°π’Όπ’» 𐒰𐓄𐒰 π’Ήπ“Žπ’Ήπ’·π’Όπ’° π“Šπ’» π“Šπ’»π“π’°π“‡π“Šπ’· 𐓁𐒰𐓄𐒷 The doctors heal the sick at the hospital Unknown 578
492 π“„π’°π’Όπ’»π“Šπ’· 𐒼𐒰𐒼𐒷 𐓇𐒷𐓍𐒷 π“ˆπ’° Is that your musical instrument? Unknown 578
493 𐒻𐓆𐒻𐒷 𐓇𐒷 π“π’»π“ˆπ’° That’s my cane Unknown 578
494 π“€π’»π“π“‚π“ˆπ’° π“Šπ’» π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π“‡π“ˆπ’°π“Šπ’· What did you eat for lunch? Unknown 578
495 π“†π“Žπ’Όπ’° π“ˆπ’°π“’π’»π’Ήπ’» π’΄π’°π“Šπ’· π’Ήπ’°π“†π“Ž 𐓁𐒻 𐓇𐒼𐒻 π’΄π’°π“ˆπ’° I ate fried chicken and drank grape juice Unknown 578
496 π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ π“‚π“π’°π’Ήπ’°Ν˜ π“π’°π“ˆπ“π’°Ν˜π“‡π’· What are you cooking? Unknown 578
497 π“†π“Žπ’Όπ’° π“‚π“π’°π’Ήπ’°Ν˜ π“ˆπ“π’°Ν˜π’Ήπ’· I’m cooking chicken Unknown 578
498 π“ˆπ’°π“π’° π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· 𐒴𐒷 π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want to go to town Unknown 578
499 𐓂𐓏𐒷 π’΄π“Žπ“π’»Ν˜ 𐒴𐒷 π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want to go buy groceries Unknown 578
500 π“‚π“π’°π“ˆπ“ƒ π“Šπ’» 𐒴𐒷 π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want to go to the movies Unknown 578
501 π“ˆπ’°π“π’»π’Όπ“‡π’· 𐓇𐒻𐒷 Did you go to town? Unknown 578
502 𐓏𐒰𐓓𐒰𐓓𐒷 𐒻𐒷 π“‡π“„π’»π““π“‚Ν˜ You know how to speak Osage? Unknown 578
503 𐒹𐓂𐓏𐒷 (𐒰𐒹𐒲) 𐒰𐓓𐒻 𐓂𐓏𐒰𐒿𐒰 𐓀𐒰𐓓𐒻 I can talk but not good Unknown 578
504 (Myrtle) 𐒼𐒰𐓏𐒰 𐒰𐒿𐒻 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’²π“Šπ’· Let’s go horseback ridding Unknown 578
505 (Mogri) 𐒼𐒰𐓏𐒰 𐒰𐒿𐒻 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“Šπ’· Unknown 578
506 (Myrtle) 𐒹𐓂𐓏𐒲𐒼𐒻𐓇𐒼𐒻 𐒴𐒷 𐒷𐓁𐒻 I am afraid any place I go Unknown 578
507 𐓂𐓏𐒰𐓁𐒻 𐓓𐒻 𐒸𐒹𐒷 Unknown 578
508 (Mogri) 𐒹𐓂𐓏𐒲𐒼𐒻𐓇𐒼𐒻 𐒴𐒷 𐒷𐓁𐒳 Unknown 578
509 𐓂𐓏𐒰𐓁𐒻 π““π’»Ν˜ 𐒰𐒻𐒹𐒷 Unknown 578
510 (Myrtle) 𐓓𐒰𐓁𐒻𐓁𐒰𐓓𐒻 𐒸𐒹𐒷 I’m restless Unknown 578
511 (Mogri) 𐓓𐒰𐓁𐒻𐓍𐒰𐓓𐒻 𐒰𐒻𐒹𐒷 Unknown 578
512 (Myrtle) π“π’°π’΄π’»π“ˆπ’° 𐓁𐒳𐓁𐒳 Only when I’m working I’m happy Unknown 578
513 π“‡π’Όπ’°π“‡π’Όπ’°π“π’°Ν˜ 𐒸𐒹𐒷 Unknown 578
514 (Mogri) π“π’°π’΄π’»π“ˆπ’° π“π“Žπ“π“Ž Unknown 578
515 π’Όπ’°π“‡π’Όπ’°Ν˜π“π“‚Ν˜ 𐒰𐒻𐒹𐒷 Unknown 578
516 π“Šπ’·π’Όπ’° π“π“‚Ν˜ 𐓄𐒰𐓇𐒷 π“π’°Ν˜π“Šπ’· You all are young you all don’t know what Unknown 578
517 𐓏𐒰𐓐𐓄𐒸 π’»π“‡π“„π’°π’Ήπ“‚Ν˜ π““π’»Ν˜ 𐓄𐒷 it is to worry Unknown 578
518 (Myrtle) π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ 𐓒𐒰𐓁𐒻 𐒷𐒼𐒻𐓀𐒰 I’ve have done everything now I’m through Unknown 578
519 π“π’·π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π“Šπ’· π’΄π’»π“‡π“ˆπ’° 𐓀𐒻𐒼𐓇𐒷 Unknown 578
520 (Mogri) π“ˆπ’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ 𐓒𐒰𐓁𐒻 π’·π’Ύπ“Žπ“€π’° Unknown 578
521 π“π’·π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π“Šπ’· π’΄π’»π“‡π“ˆπ’° π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· Unknown 578
522 π“π’°Ν˜π“Šπ’· 𐓂𐓒𐒲 π“‚π’΄π“Žπ“Š'𐒰𐒼𐒷 I’m tired of being startled Unknown 578
523 𐓄𐓇𐒻𐒷 Unknown 578
524 (Myrtle) 𐒰𐒹𐒻𐒴𐒰 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π’°π“’π’»Ν˜π’Ήπ’· I bath and I go to sleep Unknown 578
525 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓐𐒰 Unknown 578
526 (Mogri) 𐒰𐒹𐒻𐒴𐒰 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π’°π““π’»Ν˜π’Ήπ’· Unknown 578
527 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓐𐒰 Unknown 578
528 𐓏𐒻𐓄𐒰𐓒𐓂 π’°π’Ήπ“‚Ν˜ I enjoy teaching you all Unknown 578
529 π’°Ν˜π“‡π’Όπ’»π’Όπ’· I’m tired Unknown 578
530 (Myrtle) π“π“‚π“Šπ’· π“π’°π“Šπ’»π’· You are late Unknown 578
531 (Mogri) π“π“‚π“Šπ’· π“π’°π“Šπ’» Unknown 578
532 𐒼𐒻𐓐𐓂 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π’Ήπ’»π“„π’· We went to a feast Unknown 578
533 (Myrtle) π’Ήπ’°Ν˜ π“Šπ’» 𐒰𐓓𐒻𐒹𐒷 π’΄π“Žπ“Š'𐒰𐒼𐒻 I couldn’t sleep last night Unknown 578
534 (Mogri) 𐒹𐒲 π“Šπ’» 𐒰𐓓𐒻𐒹𐒷 π’΄π“Žπ“Š'𐒰𐒼𐒻 Unknown 578
535 π“Šπ’» 𐒰𐓍𐒷 𐓏𐒰𐒼𐓇𐒻𐒷 𐓄𐒲 She is having her house painted Unknown 578
536 π’Ήπ’°π’Όπ“π’°Ν˜ 𐓏𐒰𐓍𐒰𐓏𐒰 π“‡π“„π’»π““π“‚Ν˜ How far can you count Unknown 578
537 𐓏𐒰𐓓𐒰𐓓𐒷 𐓐𐒰 𐓏𐒰𐒿𐒷𐓒𐒷 π“π’»Ν˜ 𐒼𐒰𐓐𐒷 𐒼𐓐𐒲 π“€π’»π“π“‚Ν˜π“„π’° 𐒷𐓁𐒳 𐒷𐓁𐒳 Osages are putting out a news letter once a month. Unknown 578
538 π“€π’°Ν˜π“’π’· 𐒰 π’Ήπ’°Ν˜π“π’° 𐓇𐒼𐒰𐓐𐒷 How much money did you make? Unknown 578
539 π’Ήπ’°Ν˜π“„π’° 𐓒𐒰𐓁𐒻 𐓏𐒰𐓁𐒻𐓍𐒷 π“‚π“π’°π“Šπ’· π’Όπ’°π“π“‚Ν˜ π“‚π“π’»π“ˆπ’° 𐒼𐒻𐒼𐒰𐓐𐒷 𐒰𐓏𐒰𐒼𐓇𐒻𐒷 I spent all day looking for give away things and fixing my car. Unknown 578
540 π“€π’°π’Ήπ’»Ν˜ 𐓐𐒰 π’Ήπ“Žπ“Šπ’· 𐒰𐒹𐒻𐓄𐒷 𐒼𐒰𐓆𐒷 𐒰𐓏𐒰𐓇𐒻 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓐𐒰 My grass is getting tall, I’ll have to hire it cut. Unknown 578
541 π“€π’»Ν˜π“Šπ’·π“π’» 𐓐𐒰 𐓏𐒰𐒿𐒻 π“‚π“π“‚Ν˜ π“‚π“π’°Ν˜π“Šπ’» π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“π’· 𐒼𐓐𐒲 Billie is giving me a lot to do. Unknown 578
542 π“€π’°Ν˜π“’π’· 𐓂𐒼𐒻𐒷 𐓐𐒰 π“π“‚π“Šπ’· π“π’°π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π“’π’· π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“π’· π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐓐𐒰 The phone is going to make me late teaching. Unknown 578
543 π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π“†π“Ž π’Όπ“‚Ν˜ Indian dice Unknown 578
544 𐓍𐒻𐒿𐓂𐒼𐒷 pitch (card game) Unknown 578
545 π“‚π“π’°Ν˜π“Šπ’· 𐓓𐒻 worry about Unknown 578
546 𐒹𐒰 𐒰 π“Šπ’·π’Όπ’° π“π’»Ν˜ π’°π’Όπ’»π’Ώπ“Žπ“π’» I bought me a new dress. Unknown 578
547 π“π’°π“Šπ“Žπ’· 𐓄𐒰𐓒𐒷𐓁𐒻 𐓏𐒷𐒿𐒻 π’°π“„π’»π“Šπ’» Bread and butter spread on. Unknown 578
548 𐓓𐒰𐓁𐒻𐒷 𐓄𐒰𐓒𐒷𐓁𐒻 𐓓𐓂𐒿𐒷 cream and sugar Unknown 578
549 π“€π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“„π’° π“π’»π“‡π’Ύπ“Žπ’· 𐓓𐓂𐒿𐒷 salt and pepper Unknown 578
550 π“€π’»π“π’°π“ˆπ’° jealous (man) Unknown 578
551 π“π’°Ν˜π“π’°π“’π’» jealous (woman) Unknown 578
552 π““π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’°π““π’»Ν˜ 𐒰𐓄𐒰 π“ˆπ’² 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 𐓓𐒻 𐓄𐒲 The children are getting rowdy Unknown 578
553 𐓏𐒰𐒿𐒻 π“π’°π“π“‚Ν˜ 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 𐒼𐒰𐓐𐒷 𐓄𐒲 They sure are singing pretty songs Unknown 578
554 π““π’°Ν˜π“ˆπ’°π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· Talking in your sleep Unknown 578
555 (Myrtle) 𐓏𐒻𐓓𐓂𐒷 𐓐𐒰 π’°Ν˜π’Ώπ“‚Ν˜π“π’» 𐒼𐓐𐒲 My older sister has forgotten me Unknown 578
556 (Mogri) π“π’»π“ˆπ’°Ν˜π’Όπ’· 𐓐𐒰 π’°Ν˜π’Ώπ“‚Ν˜π“π’» 𐒼𐓐𐒲 Unknown 578
557 𐒼𐒰𐓏𐒰𐒼𐒻𐓄𐒰𐓁𐒰 π“ˆπ“ƒπ’· 𐒴𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I’m going to see the horse races Unknown 578
558 𐓁𐒻𐒼𐒰𐓇𐒻𐒷 𐒰𐓄𐒰 𐓏𐒰𐒿𐒻 𐒼𐒻𐒿𐒻𐓒𐓂 𐓓𐒻 𐓄𐒲 The people are really mistreating each other Unknown 578
559 𐒹𐒰 𐒰𐓀𐒻 π““π“Žπ“Šπ’· π“π’»Ν˜ 𐓄𐒰𐓐𐒷 π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I’m making a red shaw Unknown 578
560 π“π’°π’Όπ’°π“Š'𐒰 𐓓𐒻 to be disrespectful Unknown 578
561 π’Ήπ’°Ν˜π“„π’° 𐓂𐓏𐒰𐓐𐓄𐒲𐓍𐒻𐒹𐒷 I got lost today Unknown 578
562 𐓄𐒰𐓇𐒡𐒷𐒼𐒰 π“π’°π“Šπ“Žπ’· π“‡π’Ύπ“Žπ’· 𐒡𐒰𐓄𐒰 π“π’»Ν˜ π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π’΄π’° I want a strawberry short cake Unknown 578
563 (Myrtle) 𐓂𐓁𐒰𐒿𐒻 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’²π“Šπ’· Hurry up let’s go Unknown 578
564 (Mogri) 𐓂𐓁𐒰𐒿𐒻 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’°π“Šπ’· Unknown 578
565 𐓏𐒰𐒼𐒰𐓇𐒻 π“‡π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π““π’»π’Όπ’° You don’t know how to drive Unknown 578
566 𐒼𐒰𐓏𐒰𐒼𐒻𐓄𐒰𐓁𐒰 𐒼𐒻 π“€π’°Ν˜π“’π’· 𐒰 𐒡𐓂𐓄𐒰 π““π’»Ν˜ 𐓂𐓏𐒰𐒹𐒻 𐒹𐓂𐓁𐒻 𐒰𐓐𐒰𐒼𐒷 I won a little money at the horse races, I nearly cried Unknown 578
567 (Myrtle) Dave pro𐒰𐓐𐒰 𐒼𐓂𐓄𐓇𐒰 𐓄𐒷 Dave sneaked off Unknown 578
568 (Mogri) Dave 𐒰𐓐𐒰 𐒼𐓂𐓄𐓇𐒷 𐓄𐒷 Unknown 578
569 π“‚π’Ήπ“‚Ν˜ π“‚π’΄π“Žπ“Š'𐒰𐒼𐒷 𐓄𐓇𐒻 π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I’m getting lazy to cook Unknown 578
570 π’»π“π’°Ν˜π’Ήπ’»Ν˜π’°π““π’» 𐒰𐒼𐓐𐒲 He doesn’t approve of that Unknown 578
571 π“‡π’·π“π“‚Ν˜π“€π’Έ Stay where you are Unknown 578
572 𐓂𐒼𐒻𐒿𐒰𐒼𐒰 Tell about yourself Unknown 578
573 π“‚π“„π’»π“π’³Ν˜ Blow it up or Bugle Unknown 578
574 π“‚π“π“‚π“ˆπ’°π’Ώπ’» Behave yourself Unknown 578
575 π’»π’Όπ’°π“ˆπ’°π“€π’° π“π“Žπ’Όπ’°π“€π’° π“€π’°π“π’»Ν˜ Go ring the bell Unknown 578
576 π“‚π’Όπ’°Ν˜π“Šπ’· 𐓓𐒻 π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· I’m all by myself Unknown 578
577 π’·π““π’»π“π“Šπ’» Funny looking Unknown 578
578 π“π’°π“„π’Ίπ“Žπ’°π’Ώπ’° Ring Unknown 578
579 𐓏𐒰𐓄𐒰𐒹𐒰 Silver pin worn with Osage clothes Unknown 578
580 π“‚π’Όπ’»π’·π“Š'𐒻 Quilt Unknown 578
581 π“„π’°π’Ήπ“Žπ“†π’° Scissors Unknown 578
582 π“π“Žπ“†π’° Cut with Scissors Unknown 578
583 Friends Church 𐒰𐓐𐒰 π“€π’°π““π’°Ν˜π“π’· 𐓓𐒻 π“„π’°π“ˆπ’° 𐓓𐓂𐒿𐒷 π“‚π’Όπ’»π’Ήπ’°Ν˜ π“ˆπ’³ 𐓐𐒰 π’Ήπ“‚Ν˜π“„π’° 𐓂𐒼𐒰𐓐𐒷 π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· π“Šπ’» 𐒴𐓂𐒼𐒰 𐓍𐒰𐒴𐒻 π’Όπ’°π“π“‚Ν˜ π“‚π’Όπ’»π“†π“Šπ’· π“Šπ’· π’Ήπ’·π““π’»Ν˜ π“π’»Ν˜ 𐒼𐒰𐓐𐒷 𐓄𐒲 𐓀𐒻𐒰𐒼𐒷 𐓇𐒰𐓄𐒷 π“Šπ’» Friends Church is having a wild onion dinner Saturday $3.50 plate at six o’clock Unknown 578
584 𐓏𐒰𐒿𐒷𐓒𐒷 𐓓𐒻 π“π’·π’΄π“Žπ“π’»Ν˜ π“€π’»Ν˜π’Όπ“‡π’· 𐒼𐒰 π“‚π“π“‚Ν˜π’΄π’· 𐒼𐒰𐓐𐒷 π“ˆπ’³ 𐓄𐒲 I’m selling tickets for that Unknown 578
585 π“†π’»π“ˆπ“π’»Ν˜ 𐓀𐒰𐓐𐒷 𐓐𐒰 𐓏𐒰𐒿𐒻 𐓄𐒻𐓓𐒻 𐒷 𐓄𐒷 The weather was bad yesterday Unknown 578
586 π’Ήπ’°Ν˜π“„π’° 𐓀𐒰𐓐𐒷 𐓐𐒰 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 𐒷 𐓄𐒷 today the weather was good Unknown 578
587 𐓂𐓄𐒰𐓏𐒻𐒹𐒷 π’Όπ“‚Ν˜π“π’· 𐓏𐒲 Makes me want to go riding Unknown 578
588 𐒼𐒰𐓆𐒻 𐒹𐓂𐓏𐒸𐒼𐒻 π“‡π“ˆπ’°π“„π’· Where is everyone going tomorrow Unknown 578
589 War Mothers π“π’°π“Šπ’» π“Šπ’» π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’² π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐒼𐒲 We're going to the War Mothers dance Unknown 578
590 𐓀𐒰𐓐𐒷 𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 π“ˆπ’³ 𐒹𐓂𐓂𐒿𐒰 π’°Ν˜π’Όπ’² π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐒼𐒲 If the weather is good we are going fishing Unknown 578
591 π“π’·π’°π’Ήπ“‚Ν˜ π““π’»Ν˜ 𐓇𐒼𐒻 𐒰𐒿𐒳 π’΄π’»Ν˜ 𐒴𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ 𐒹𐒷 I’m going to bring my little cooking utensils Unknown 578
592 π’°π“‡π’»π“ˆπ’° π“π’°π“π“‚Ν˜π’΄π’· 𐓏𐒰𐓒𐓂𐒷 It’s fun to eat outside Unknown 578
593 𐓏𐒻𐓇𐒼𐒻 π“π’°π“Šπ’» π“π’°π“ˆπ“ƒ 𐒴𐒷 π“ˆπ’³Ν˜ π’°Ν˜π’Ήπ’· I’m also going to the dance Unknown 578
594 𐓂𐒿𐒳 Mad Unknown 578
595 π“π’°π““π’»Ν˜ 𐓄𐒻𐓓𐒻 Angry Unknown 578
596 𐒼𐒻𐓍𐒰𐒿𐒻 Happy Unknown 578
597 𐒰𐒼𐒻𐒼𐒻𐒷 Contest Unknown 578
598 π’·π’Όπ“‚Ν˜ 𐓓𐒻 It’s wrong Unknown 578
599 𐓇𐒷 π’·π’Όπ“‚Ν˜ 𐓓𐒻𐒷 It’s not that way Unknown 578